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Home Relooking Service

A relooking service is different than the others. It employs a simplified approach to decorating and focuses on renewing your space.

This concept is very trendy at the moment in the decorating world. It is a less expensive way to transform a space by using elements that you already own.


First things first - you must unclutter! In order to revive a tired deco, it is essential that you get rid of all unnecessary things that are no longer suitable for your space or the look you are trying to achieve. Aim for simplicity, do a major cleaning and start of anew.

Service de Relooking


An inexpensive way to redecorate is by recycling. Look over the items you are keeping (furniture, lamps, picture frames, etc) You must then decide if you are modifying them. Why not repaint the dresser or change the fabric on the chairs?


You must then rearrange your space according to your needs - don't forget to keep in mind the primary use of that space. Simply moving around a few pieces of furniture can make a space a lot bigger or make the space for friendly. Don't forget to put any nice architecture as a focal point, as opposed to hiding it.


It is important to pay special attention to the colour your will be using. Choose a paint colour according to your tastes, the style you are aiming for and the main use of that space.


Lighting is an essential element to creating the desired atmosphere. The success of a well decorated space depends on sufficient lighting. What is the point on selecting the perfect colour and the beautiful accessories if there isn't enough lighting to appreciate it?


The final touch! Complete the relooking of your space by carefully selecting accessories. Brighten up the couch with some throw cushions, replace frames, change the lighting, add rugs... There are so many ways to simply improve a space.

Seeing as relooking a home is so inexpensive - you can repeat the process as often as desired. Sometimes is simply the matter of changing a few accessories to give a space a new ambiance. Why should anyone go without their dream decor when it is now accessible to everyone.

Our designers are qualified and available to offer you suggestions based on design elements. Incredible results are guaranteed, even without having to change your furniture.


$0 shipping fee on all orders of $100 or more (or $10 if below) for Quebec and Ontario, whether you live in Montreal, Québec, Laval, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, London, Vaughan, Windsor, Richmond Hill - take advantage!

$0 shipping fee on all orders of $249 or more (or $12 if below) for the other provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, except New Brunswick (25$). So wherever you live in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Surrey, Halifax, and Saskatoon take advantage of this opportunity…