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Colour Selection Services

A coloration specialist can help you find the perfect shade.

With the millions of colours available on the market today... how do we find the right shade for our space?


We are not always aware of how our emotions are affected by the things we see. Colour can give a space personality - primary colours or contrasting colours create a passionate setting. Whereas soft, clear and harmonious colours impart discretion and elegance. Before you start decorating a space, think about the emotions you want to feel in that space. Your colour scheme will depend on the feelings you want to invoke.



Ideally, you should use a decorative element to inspire the correct color for a space. Find your favourite element - a bedspread, a cushion, a piece of art, a rug, etc.... to choose the paint colour for your space. This will make the selection so much easier and your decor will be more harmonious.


Designers consider orange, red and yellow to be warm colours. These colours can the enhance intimacy of a space or make a space look smaller than it really is. These colours also help with proximity. When related, they can create warmth and comfort. The can invoke a feeling of well-being, a warm atmosphere and can be very welcoming.

Cold colours are blue, green and purple. They have the virtue of being calming. They are recommended for smaller spaces because they create the illusion of extending a space.

The colour selection service will help you to find that perfect shade. Our designers will recommend colours in relation to the use and the vibe desired for your space. Several elements must be considered before selecting a colour, such as, the lighting and the furniture. The designer will share their recommendations with you at a second appointment.


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