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clear window glaze


clear window glaze

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Product code: glacis fenêtre translucide

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  • Available in 4 oz or 16 oz format
  • Product Description
    Colorantic ™ glazes are available in 2 colors: Brown Chocolate Cake as well as Clear Window. Available sizes are 8 oz. And 16 oz. What is a glacis? A glaze is mainly used as a technique for juxtaposing transparent colors in order to create a depth effect. It can also act as a protective layer but is used above all to obtain more opaque dyeing effects than regular dyeing. The glaze acts as a diluter of an opaque paint such as Colorantic ™ chalky colors. Flemish painters of the fifteenth century used the glacis process to create an effect of depth and great realism. Clear glazes can be mixed with any Colorantic ™ chalk paint. The recipe is simple: 3/4 glaze for 1/4 of paint. For example, you want to get a faded pink effect for your little girl's room? Mix the clear Glaze Window and Paint Antique Rose and you will get the desired effect. You will be able to lighten your paint and see the grain of the wood. This is how you can create your own 'colored opaque tincture'. The Brown Chocolate Cake color is already pre-mixed to allow you to get a brown transparent effect and see your wood grain. How to apply it? You can use a colored glaze over a layer of Colorantic ™ paint and wipe with a clean dry cloth. You will see a linear effect. Another technique is to apply 2 coats of tinted glaze on your wooden surface. Wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth. When the glaze is completely dry (dries very quickly), you can apply your coat of colors and then come to sand or wipe with a damp cloth your paint. You will then see the glacis tinted in places. Good painting!


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