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Product code: peinture-vintage-colorantic-margarita exotique

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  • Our chalky matte paint base contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meaning that it contains no solvents that will propagate in gaseous form to the atmosphere. The dyes added contain only a tiny amount. Our paint is in no way toxic, has no lead content and meets Health Canada standards.
    • Colorantic ™ requires little or no preparation depending on the surface of the project. We recommend a preparation product (such as Shellac) if your piece of furniture dates back to a previous time or was in contact with smoke. The paint has a high covering power and dries quickly which allows you to complete a project in a short time.
    Product Description
    HOW TO DO? Painting with chalk can be wonderful if applied properly. We recommend a light sanding to remove the luster. Some oil-based varnishes may compromise the adhesion of our waterborne paint, we also recommend using a spray or TSP powder or degreaser (sold in hardware stores) and light sanding afterwards.


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