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Hi! We are really happy to have you discover more of what Decor & Style has to offer....

October 6, 2017 983 Views No comments

Today we will be focusing on how to tend to our pillows and duvets. Did you know that many people completely overlook the maintenance of these items. If you think about it, would you wear a shirt that you've already worn 30 times, 100 times, without washing it? I certainly hope not!

We're off to explore the rest of Canada!

October 6, 2017 926 Views No comments

Decor & Style is a well established online company. Their website has been selling lots of home decor and bedding items to Quebec and Ontario residents under the name of Espace Deco for over 5 years now. "Our mission is to constantly innovate to become the Canadian reference in online shopping!" says Andrée-Anne Julien, the founder and president of the company.


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